Contact mPower Innovations – mPower Innovations is a developer of innovative GIS software solutions that draws upon more than 30 years of experience in the geospatial industry. We empower our clients by eliminating costly third party consulting and proprietary development that many other consultants and software providers require. mPower Integrator is an advanced software solution that takes Web GIS functionality and ease of use to a new level.  Our clients can easily develop, distribute and own their own advanced, robust GIS applications.  With  our Integrator software solution, you can access any ODBC data source, perform administrative tasks, and assign user rights. The user interface is very intuitive and requires no technical programming. “Pick and Click” wizards are used to quickly create queries, reports, assign new users, access rights and more.

Our professional staff works with you to efficiently and effectively move beyond the implementation phase into a successful integration of your technology throughout your organization. We’ve developed a successful infrastructure to guide you in planning, developing, and implementing your objectives.