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Today, Irby is setting out with a new vision: to change the role of the electrical distributor from that of a bid-based provider of electrical products to that of a high-value partner, providing total electrical solutions. An Irby relationship is all about giving customers the greatest long-term value. We focus on providing the lowest overall cost of doing business, not just the lowest price on a particular product. Clearly, a high-value relationship with Irby will save you more than low-bid relationships with multiple vendors.


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The Seiler Mapping Department provides the right tools and technology for those wishing to populate their GIS and CAD field data and get their work accomplished efficiently, productively and within budget. We work with products from the most well-established manufacturers and software developers in the field such as Trimble®, ESRI, Autodesk®, CartoPac Field Solutions, and Laser Technology. The Seiler mapping team of professionals are industry experts and want to work with you and your organization to provide the best integrated solutions available for your productivity success. Seiler Mapping is your complete Field-to-GIS solution.