Electric Utilities

Modular solutions deliver scale and flexibility to provide key management tools for all sizes of electric utilities.




mPower’s Modular, Fully-Integrated Electric Utility Software Applications

mPower Integrator

Easily integrate GIS, Outage Management and Smart Grid systems, allowing you to put the right data in the right hands when it matters most.

mPower Integrator™ and mPower OMS™ are uniquely powerful, yet easy to use browser-based mapping/GIS tools that facilitate; asset management, outage response, load analysis/balancing, trace flow analysis and more.

The software easily connects any compliant database (ODBC) allowing secure access, reporting and distribution of maps and data. mPower’s software solutions seamlessly interface with AMR/AMI, AVL, CIS, IVR, MDM, OMS, and other Mapping, Modeling and Staking systems. This gives you access to all of your various systems (and their data) through one simple, “smart map” interface.

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mPower OMS

Improve Customer Service by putting the right resources in the right places as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  • Outage data quickly collected and displayed on browser-based maps
  • Quickly analyze, group and prioritize calls and incidents
  • Dashboard screen provides response coordinators valuable insight and control
  • Produce User-Defined reliability reporting in minutes versus hours or days

mPower Mobile Editor

Capture Accurate Data From Any Location with mPower Editor’s Flexible Forms.

The flexibility of mPower Editor efficiently delivers clean data to any system and back to the field. Bridge the communication gap between field and office personnel, with easy to build, user-definable forms for Work Orders, Inspections, Asset Change-outs and more.  Tablets, PCs and Smart Phones quickly become powerful tools to keep utility data correct and up to date.

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Advanced Pole Testing

State-of-the-Art Non-Destructive Methods Make

Pole Testing Simple and Reliable.


These tools simplify managing in-house pole inspections
by eliminating the need to excavate poles and offering a
powerful platform for providing exceptionally accurate, objective inspection services to your clients.

Discover how Vonaq’s latest technological advances use frequency and vibrational analysis to deliver actionable, reliable data.
 Get the full life out of your assets, make informed decisions on pole replacement while minimizing costly treatments and excavations. Check the over ground and underground condition of the pole in one operation.

mPower Automated Vehicle Locator

The simple, reliable and cost effective solution to track your vehicles in the field.

  • Up to the minute maps of vehicle locations on your desktop
  • Server-based mPower Integrator pushes and pulls data into your system
  • Removable phones, tablets or PCs allow for instant communication with crews
  • Easily determine the appropriate resources to deploy to specific incidents during high outage situations

mPower Load Analysis

Save Time and Money with the Ability to Intelligently Analyze And Balance Your Load, by merging load data from your metering system with CIS usage data and your connectivity model.

  • Head off trouble by having the capability to replace transformers before an incident occurs.
  • Identify under-used transformers and redeploy to under-served areas.
  • Greatly reduce capital costs by re-mixing inventor and balancing your load


AMI OMS Listener

Tap the power of your AMI system, with automated, industry-standard interface between your AMI and OMS.  Automatically update your maps and OMS with outage and restoration calls from your meters.

Fully Integrate Your AMI and OMS Systems:

  • Real-time receipt and mapping of meter outage and restoration events
  • Automatic grouping of calls into incidents, based on user-defined settings
  • User to pre-set filtering and outage notification to key utility personnel
  • Integration of data from AMI, CIS and GIS creates real-time Load Analysis Capability

Electrical GIS Stages

Helping Utilities at Every Stage of GIS and Smart Grid Deployment
mPower helps electrical utilities of all sizes find the shortest route to incorporating map-based and back office data into the management of their utility. From pilot mapping projects to full smart meter integration, mPower integrates solutions that give managers better information when they need it most.

1 - mPower Stages of GIS and Smart Grid Deployment

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 “The whole team at mPower was great to work with. I was very impressed by how rapidly our ideas became reality.”
-Rob Forde, Electrical Operations Supervisor, Braintree Electric

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