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While traditional testing methods can leave you with unreliable data, mPower Pole Analyzer gives you more: you are equipped with multiple data metrics to make decisions and plans with exceptional insight on your side.

mPower Innovations is proud to offer this advanced technology to our North American electrical utility customers: mPower Pole Analyzer, NDT testing for Pole Integrity Inspection. mPower Pole Analyzer offers the ability to target capital against the most hazardous poles in electrical grids by proving key metrics that allow utilities to stack rank “red-tagged” pole metrics including:

  • % of Original Strength
  • MOR (Moment of Rupture)
  • POF (Probability of Failure)
  • Reliability Index
  • TTF (Time to Fail in years)

While traditional testing methods leave you with a pass/fail sheet, Analyzer gives you more than simple data: you are equipped with multiple data metrics to make decisions and plans with knowledge. mPower Analyzer provides utilities with an objective and consistent process for analyzing their poles via NDT (Non-Destructive Technology) to support asset management decisions – all without the destructive impact of the traditional physical drill test process.

This will also allow utilities to focus valuable field resources on critical network maintenance instead of replacing poles which still have life left (reducing the wastage of good wood and unnecessary replacement costs). A partnership between mPower Innovations and Reliable LinesTM, based out of Auckland, New Zealand, has created new opportunity for electrical utilities to manage their pole integrity inspections more effectively.

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