mPower Enabling Services

Put your GIS projects on the fast track

Pilot Projects – Hosting Services


Proof of concept costs little, but delivers big.

Experienced GPS/GIS technicians build a solid foundation for your GIS system, minimizing the up-front investment to verify data is collected correctly – and integrated to your maps properly.

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GPS Asset Location Services


Is your asset inventory and knowledge recorded accurately?

Proof of concept data validation, eliminates risk and delivers accurate, data-enriched “Smart Maps”.

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Advanced Pole Testing


State-of-the-Art Non-Destructive Methods Make Pole Testing Simple and Reliable.

These tools simplify managing in-house pole inspections
by eliminating the need to excavate poles and offering a
powerful platform for providing exceptionally accurate, objective inspection services to your clients.

Discover how Vonaq’s latest technological advances use frequency and vibrational analysis to deliver actionable, reliable data.
 Get the full life out of your assets, make informed decisions on pole replacement while minimizing costly treatments and excavations. Check the over ground and underground condition of the pole in one operation.

Mapping Software Training


Are you tapping into the most powerful features of your current mapping software?

mPower’s expert team of trainers helps you get the most out of your investment in existing or recently upgraded mapping software applications.

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GIS Integration Services


Need your maps updated or your data converted?

We can do drawing updates or cleanup work in a fraction of the time and at very reasonable hourly rates..



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“The accuracy and accessibility of our maps and data, along with the flexibility and user friendliness of the software, is just incredible. Having a secure, up to date system that we can easily query and report on is great.”
-Bill Tucker, Operations Manager, Ontonagon County REA.