Silver Creek Water Corporation

“We went from simple, inaccurate paper maps, to an integrated system that gives us specific information for planning, installation and long-term maintenance of our entire water system. A big factor in our initial decision (to use mPower) was based on our employees’ desire to have better information at their fingertips, in order to do their jobs more safely and effectively. We were able to accomplish that with Integrator.”
-Scott Ham, Manager, Silver Creek Water Corporation

Silver Creek Water Corporation, based in Sellersburg, Indiana, had tried utilizing mapping and GIS software from various vendors over the years, but found them to be either difficult to maintain, not flexible enough or too costly do deploy and own long term. Scott Ham, Manager of SCWC, had a vision for more than just “mapping” software. Instead, he was hoping to find an affordable way to take his company’s asset management and maintenance operations to another level. Read More…