Vision Realized: SC Water uses mPower’s Integrator™ and Editor™ to Modernize Water System Data

Sellersburg, IN – Silver Creek Water Corporation and mPower have taken Advanced GIS and Utility Management to new places with Integrator™ and Editor™. Antiquated paper maps have been replaced with a digital GIS system that has exponentially multiplied the Corporation’s efficiency while providing specific information for planning, installation and long term maintenance of an entire water system.

The Challenge
Silver Creek Water Corporation, based in Sellersburg, Indiana, had tried utilizing mapping and GIS software from various vendors over the years, but found them to be either difficult to maintain, not flexible enough or too costly do deploy and own long term. Scott Ham, Manager of SCWC, had a vision for more than just “mapping” software. Instead, he was hoping to find an affordable way to take his company’s asset management and maintenance operations to another level.

“I wanted us to stop talking about where our assets were located and instead focus on who, what, when and how we were going to address any situation that may arise,” stated Ham.

Tying it All Together
In March of 2011, after evaluating several options, Mr. Ham selected mPower Innovations to help him achieve his vision. Initially, Silver Creek deployed mPower Integrator™, the firm’s GIS integration software. The software quickly helped put him and his team on the same page, by providing a single, browser-based GIS portal that was easily adapted to their requirements.

“A big factor in our initial decision was based on our employees’ desire to have better information at their fingertips, in order to do their jobs more safely and effectively. We were able to accomplish that with Integrator™,” said Ham.

The software’s unique ability to pull data from not only the mapping software itself, but the other back office systems, has allowed Silver Creek to put more than just asset maps into their employees’ hands. This has allowed the company to more easily and effectively handle customer calls, improving service quality and efficiency.
“I would put our GIS up against anyone’s,” states Ham.

Taking it Full Circle
In October of 2013, mPower was in the process of expanding their software offerings by developing a form-building software application called mPower Editor™. Combined with Integrator™, Editor™ would provide mPower customers with a true “full circle” GIS Based Asset Management System, by empowering end users to not only view data, but update it as well.

Enabling personnel to enter and quality check data from the field or office has kept the data accurate and up to date over the years. Silver Creek Water was involved early on in the development and testing phase of this application, giving mPower valuable insight into how to best optimize the software for water utilities.

The Proof is in the Payoff
One of the many benefits of this empowerment is that it has reinforced to everybody on the team that having accurate, up to date maps and data pays off big in the long run, so everybody is invested in the whole process.

“It has been clearly proven to me that the time and money invested in this effort has more than paid for itself in terms of efficiencies gained and dollars saved. We went from simple, inaccurate paper maps, to an integrated system that gives us specific information for planning, installation and long term maintenance of our entire water system,” concluded Ham.